Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mothers Who Raise The King's Kids

We're going to look at a mother who raised a king's son who ultimately received the kingdom of his father. Bathsheba was her name. Bathsheba wasn't a perfect woman. In fact she sinned in a big way with King David and eventually had a child out of wedlock.

Bathsheba's first baby died but that didn't discourage her from having another child. She gave birth to Solomon who would become the King of Israel.

Let's look at some key points on how moms raise the King's kids...

1 Kings 1:11-21

Read verses 11&12
Moms are pleased to receive good counsel on behalf of their children

Read verse 13
Moms know the King's (God's) promises are not to be broken

Read verses 17-20
Moms are persistent to see that their children are provided for

Read 1 Chronicles 22:6-10
Godly moms understand that the lives of their children are ultimately for God's purposes.This particular key stands out more than the others in mymind because I believe all good moms:

*Are pleased to receive counsel on behalf of their children

*Know in their heart of hearts God's promises are not to be broken

*Are persistent to see that their children are provided for

But I'm convinced that only Godly moms understand and will release their children for the purposes of God.

Moms who raise the King's/God's kids are women who know their role is to:

* Train up their children in the way they should go Prov 22:6

* Watch over the ways of her household Prov 31:27

* Instruct her children in the ways of righteousness Prov 31

* Model a life of virtue before her children Prov 31:10 and

* Fear the Lord/reverence the Lord with all her heart Prov 31:30

We owe or mothers a lot. Take a moment to pray this prayer.

Father in heaven, I thank you for the gift of motherhood. Without it I would not be the man/woman I am today. Thank you Lord for allowing me to experience the things I've experienced with my mother. Rather they were good or bad, I know that you've worked them together for my good because you've called me according to your purpose. Thank you Lord for my mother, the one you chose for me. I thank you again and again, in Jesus name. Amen.

For those of you who didn't grow up with your mother please substitute the woman who has played a significant role in your life in this prayer.

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Stay blessed,

Pastor Cedric


Pat said...

Hello Pastor Ced,

It's me again Pat. I like your outline. Maybe I'll visit your church sometime.


The Entrepreneurial Pastor said...


Thanks for this comment and your previous one. I'll keep you in prayer. If there is ever anything special you need prayer for just let me know.

Pastor Cedric