Thursday, September 14, 2006

A question to think about

Here's a good question for you to consider. If you've been discipled what are you to be doing now? Just thought I would put this out there for comments.

Pastor Cedric
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Theresa Gingg said...

Every where I go, the Lord is sending a message about the "Kingdom of God" more specifically Matt 6:33. I'm sure He is telling me that I need to be about my "Father's business" just as Jesus was. So that means that I have to fill myself up with His Word and prayer so that I can be about "Kingdom Business". I heard someone say that righteousness is about "Kingdom business" I never realized that before! According to 2Tim 4:8 and James 1:12 righteousness = life and it is the life we live here not the life to come. John 3:5 Jesus said we need to be born again to enter the kingdom. He was not talking about death. He was refering to His kingdom on earth. So the Kingdom of God is:
witnessing to the lost,tithing, fellowshiping, reaching out to others, living a holy life, being joyful in all things, having peace about us.
So, once we are discipled, we do need to get about "Kingdom Business"!If we are discipled by the right person (pastor, teacher etc)then we will want to do what the the Lord commands.
Any comments?

Pastor cedric said...

Good comments Theresa. You're right about the Kingdom of God being talked about quite a bit now days. I think more and more people are giving up on their own plans and goals and are desperate for the Lord to lead them in His ways of doing things. Kingdom business is more in the forefront of the minds of Christians than any other time in history. My prayer is that believers get to a place where their lives are all about Kingdom Business.

Pastor Cedric

Theresa Gingg said...

The teaching last night was all about Kingdom business. I wrote down in my notes to read John 14. John 14 - 16 are my favorites. There is so much wealth to gain in those chapters! I did read 14 and verse 12 stood out to me. (from the daily walk bible)"The truth is anyone who believes in Me will do the same works I have done and even greater works because I am going to the Father." The works that Jesus did are preaching and healing. So we will do the same only in a greater scope. How awesome is that! Kingdom business!!