Saturday, January 21, 2012

Better Than Any Reality Show Story

One of the biggest crazes today is Reality Shows.  People are basically opening up their entire lives telling and showing the world how they live.  What's so strange to me is that the way that most of these people live is nothing to admire or pattern our lives after. 

The word of God speaks about the life of believers in Revelation 12:11 "how we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony" (paraphrase). It's talking about overcoming and not airing our inadequacies and short comings to the world.

I am thoroughly convinced that believers have far better stories to tell than folks of the world no matter if they are on television or just plain folks living their lives.  Our initial testimony of how we came to know Jesus is the beginning of our story.  What makes each of our stories unique is all of them are completely different even though we are connected to the same Savior. 

Listen, I not only want to encourage you to think about the power of your testimony more frequently, I want to challenge you to share it more purposefully.  We have every reason to share with others how we overcome.

Below is a short tutorial on how to put together your testimony. It can be longer but a 2-5 minute testimony can really have an impact on somebody's life.

Formatting Your 2 to 5 Minute Testimony


1.  Take about 30 to 90 seconds talking about where you were born, grew up, your family life and a couple of distinguishing truths about your past before being saved.

2.  Take another 30 to 60 seconds describing how you came to know Jesus and the circumstances.

Post Salvation
3.  Spend about 30 to 90 seconds describing what the Lord has done in your life and how you're living now.  Could include family life, personal deliverance, ministry, employment,  financial etc...

4.  Spend the last 30 to 60 seconds inquiring of the reader/listener and invite them to accept the claims of the Bible (if they are a non believer) or challenge them to share their testimony the same way you're sharing yours (if they are a believer).

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