Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What has the Lord been saying to you this week?

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Here's what I've been hearing from the Lord.

"Don't think of yourself as strange because you desire to live holy. Know that it is my pleasure that you should be seeking. Continue to pursue holiness and you will please Me. Continue to please Me and you will be holy."

Friday 7/28/06

Hello CentrePoint family and friends,

The first thing I will say is forgive my spelling. This letter is written in a moment of inspiration and a degree of urgency. Thank you.

Here we are. Our last day of fasting, praying and setting aside our gifts for the Lord. I feel like this has been a special week. Just merely expecting God to speak to all of us during this time has been an amazing anticipation. The hope that revival is as near as our hearts are to our Lord is marvelous.

I would like to take a moment to share some random thoughts as I've been set my ears to the mouth of God and my eyes toward His face. My ears have continually heard holy, holy, holy. It's been about purity of heart and purity in my actions before the Lord. In my lying down at night and my rising in the morning, I've seen visions of a pure church. A people longing for righteousness and a people respectful of the presence of the Lord. What's come to me that was more special was a host of young people who were seeking the Lord for their future. They were showing concern because they sensed that they were alone in the pursuit of holiness. They sought the Lord on their own without knowing what to anticipate because they weren't quite certain if the Lord they loved and adored was the same Lord of their parents. "I heard the Lord say to them, though your heart is strong toward Me and your thoughts of your parents are uncertain, let Me assure you that I am the God of your parents. I am the God of the universe who without Me would be is a most miserable place. Continue to seek Me and I will reveal Myself to you in a most magnificent way."

In the days we live with trouble all around, know that I sit on My throne looking after those whose hearts are toward Me. Know that it in My house My children seek Me all the days of their lives. There is no point of doubt in the heart of those whose hearts don't grow weary in well doing. For those who weary in well doing, know that I the Lord have come to mend your broken hearts and deliver you from confusion.

Concerning your future says the Lord, as long as your hands are in My hands there is no need to worry about your future. As I have taken care of My children for ages, know that I will take care of you. The plans that I have for you says the Lord, are for your now, your moment in the Son and your day in My presence. Continue to desire and long for My presence and the brightness of my glory will shine as the noon day in the midst of thee. Make haste to cling to My call for your life to be separate and unto Me and I will perform only those things which are possible at My right hand. Yes miracles! The kind of miracles only known to those who have lived in My presence and clung to My word have seen. The kind of miracles only My word can deliver. The kind of miracles Satan fears in the day of trouble for the kingdom of darkness.

Listen My children, the kingdom of heaven is not against you but for you. The kingdom of heaven is for the children of the King and the children are to rule with the authority of the King. The decree of the King today is that His children come to an understanding of whose family they truly come from. The decree of the King today is that His children refuse to tolerate less than the King has provided for them. The peace of the kingdom is yours. The love of the kingdom is yours. The victory of the kingdom is yours. The prosperity of the kingdom is yours. The power of the kingdom is yours.

Like the word of a king is the authority of his kingdom, know that My word is ultimate authority in all the kingdoms of the world. As My child, cling to My word, the word of your King. As the signet ring of a king makes a contract official, know that the presence of My Spirit in you seals My covenant with you. Cling to the word of your King. As a king's scepter denotes his power, know that My power is denoted by the Holy Spirit who dwells in you. Cling to the word of your King.

I believe the Lord is wanting to encourage us to live for Him on the terms He's described in the Bible. The moment we cower in the face of adversity is to denounce our royal assignment as children of the King of Kings. This morning I woke up full of great expectation of not what the Lord will do for me but how I will be able to walk in the flow of what He's doing in His kingdom. I sense divine right as a child of the King to approach the day without a worry in the world. I sense a divine right to pursue the day knowing that the words the King gives me to speak are words of authority and power. I will rejoice and be glad in the kingdom of God because it is the day My Lord has made.

Stay blessed,

Pastor Cedric Reynolds


Theresa Gingg said...

Wow, what an awesome word from the Lord! What a week this has been! it has been a week of many interruptions, ie, grandson, daughter, work, funeral of a family member, a nail in one of my tires (praise God no leaks!) When ever we are seeking God, the enemy interferes. Since I had so many of them I was not hearing anything from the Lord. I was so discouraged! I am trying to be a part of CenterPointe, I purposed in my heart to do what I could this week. God always comes through! I had been behind in my readings in the Daily Walk bible. On thursday morning for some reason I read Isaiah 43 for the second time. Now I had read it the day before but I got confused and thought that was where I left off. The one verse that stood out was vs 13"From eternity to eternity I am God. No one can oppose what I do. No one can reverse my actions" Then I read from the beginning again,"But now, O Israel, the Lord who created you says:Do not be afraid, for I have called you by name, you are Mine. When you go through deep waters and great trouble, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty you will not drown! When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up, the flames will not consume you For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, Your Savior!" What awesome promises we have from our Wonderful Precious Savior! I am not sure how this Word ties in to anyone elses Word from the Lord, but it was a Rhema Word for me!

Pastor Cedric said...


Thanks for the comments and sharing your heart. It's good to know you depend on God and He comes through. Know that you're a big part of CentrePoint.

Keep the faith,

Pastor Cedric

Sabra A. Robinson, VOR Founder/Editorial Director said...

Greetings Pastor Reynolds!

I am a CB member and came across your profile from other connections I've made - I believe through Michelle Mitchell. I perused your blog and wanted to comment on this particular note, if you don't mind. All week, I've been waking up with a song in my head - which I believe are messages from the Holy Spirit nudging me on what to say or what to do by way of the song. This morning, I woke up on one of Israel Houghton's songs and quickly wrote it down in my journal. Unfortunately, I haven't been doing that until this morning and can't wait to find out which song it will be tomorrow. But I love what your intentions are and I pray that those blessings return unto you tenfold. May God bless you and have much favor upon you.

Humbly in Christ,

Sabra Robinson

The Entrepreneurial Pastor said...


Thanks for the kind comments. I do hope the Lord continues to reveal to you the revelation He intends for you to receive.