Monday, August 07, 2006

The Lord still speaks to us

Our time of fasting, praying and giving is over (for now) and we're moving forward together.

Here's what the Lord impressed upon the hearts of several of CentrePoint's members.

1. Be ready
2. Pray right away
3. Minister to children
4. Helping families is important
5. Make sure we honor God at the altars in our lives
6. We have more influence with our friends than we think

These were just a few of the messages impressed upon the hearts of God's people. As we came together on Saturday July 29, 2006, we broke our fast with communion, breakfast and fellowship. It was so good to see so many people participate. I trust the Lord isn't finished with us.

Be sure to see my next blog entry about Sunday morning & evening with Marcel and Evelyn Joseph.

Also if you have any comments regarding our time of fasting that you would like to share just click on the blue "comments" link below.

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