Sunday, June 10, 2007

Strange things still happen...

What would you think if a lady in a wheel chair, one functioning hand and limited speech started praying for the sick? Well that's exactly what happened on Sunday morning June 10, 2007 at CentrePoint. As the Lord would have it, the theme of the day was prayer. The qualifications of praying for others is quite simple. "Lay hands on the sick and they shall recover." That's it. The actual healing is up to God and it's certainly His will to heal.

Can you imagine the harvest a person will receive when they pray for others? That's right, they'll receive a harvest of healing/divine health for themselves. Did I mention to you that the person praying for others to be healed was my wife Barbara? Well believe it or not, Barbara laid hands on all those who came for healing today. Though her English is limited, she prayed in tongues as the Spirit gave her utterance. It was a remarkable sight!

There were faith filled people who put their trust in God and determined that they would get what God had for them no matter who the vessel was. These are the kind of people God is looking for. People of faith who will trust Him no matter what.

The word that went forth after the time of prayer dwelt around Mark 11:22-26. Here are the keys that you'll want to study out.

*Have the faith of God

*Don't doubt but believe

*Believe that you receive - now

*Forgive others when you pray

These are strong areas of concern in prayer. It is up to us to do our part as God does His part. We know that He cannot fail but do we realize that we have to respond to His instructions when we pray? You see, prayer is a two way street. It's conversation based. We speak to God and He speaks back to us. It may be through His word, through an inward impression or through someone else. But the reality is that whatever instruction we receive from Him, we have to act in faith just like we acted in faith as we initiated the prayer(conversation). It's faith not doubt that pleases God.

Stay blessed,

Pastor Cedric Reynolds
CentrePoint Christian Fellowship
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Theresa Gingg said...

Praise God, sorry I missed it! When we pray for others our own needs are met. See you Sunday!

The Entrepreneurial Pastor said...

You're so right Theresa. God is so good. Barbara had the time of her life making a contribution that touched the lives of so many people.

Stay blessed,

Pastor Cedric

Theresa Gingg said...

That is what being a servant is all about. The Lord blesses those who bless others!