Monday, August 06, 2007

Look what the Lord has done

Greetings CentrePoint Family & Friends,

What a fantastic service we had on Sunday. All I can say is wow!!!

Starting off with an awesome time of worship and the genuine liberty to honor God was certainly present. People were literally being set free during the worship and only God knows how else He ministered to them.

As we moved into the message we were challenged to take a hard look at how Jesus spent time with the twelve disciples and especially how He spent time with Peter, James and John. The time He poured into their lives was about what they should be doing, ie; preaching the gospel of the kingdom, healing sicknesses and casting out demons. The live demonstration of how Jesus ministered to three and how those ministered to three was awesome.

Our service was certainly unusual compared to any other we have ever had. Even while Mike, Bruce and John (who portrayed Peter, James and John) ministered to three other disciples each, I ministered a word to the congregation about the challenges of single women and widows.

After Mike, Bruce, John and I finished ministering they were given the opportunity to address the area of casting out demons. The Bible is firm about demon activity. But it is also firm about how they shouldn't be harassing us as believers. Mark 16:17 says, "And these signs will follow those who believe, In My name they will cast out demons..." Because we know the Lord is the same yesterday, today and forever, we believe casting out demons is a mandate for us today just as it was when He spoke to His original twelve disicples.

After prayer and casting out demons

Here's where we were being led to participate in what I believe is the beginning of us living in the miraculous. My heart has been full with how single women and widows are making it financially. The concern has been huge and my prayer has been for the Lord to give us an answer of how they can start a new path to financial freedom.

The scripture the Lord gave me dealt with how "God who supplies seed to the sower, supplies and multiplies the seed sown and increases the fruits of our righteousness." (2 Corinthians 9:10) This scripture was truly brought to life as the Lord showed us right on the spot that He desired to provide a pure seed offering to each of the single women and widows of our church.

The instructions I received from the Lord was to receive an offering from the congregation for the single women and widows for the purpose of providing them the seed to sow anywhere they chose to sow except CentrePoint. Just in that moment every person in our congregation saw how God honored His word by providing seed to the sower.

As the service came to an end, each of the single women and widows received an equal share of the offering received on their behalf. I believe the Lord has chosen this group of women to demonstrate that He is truly no respecter of persons.

The Best is yet to come

Can you imagine what God is up to? We as a congregation have seen God supply seed (through us) to a group of women who didn't have to do anything but be willing to receive it. God not only promised that He would supply the seed, (which we've seem Him do) but He also said He would multiply it and increase the fruits of our righteousness.

The best is really yet to come. The anticipation of God supplying the seed was short lived because we all knew that all it took was us obeying to participate in an offering. On the other side we now have the opportunity to watch how God multiplies the seed sown by the women who received the seed.

What an opportunity we have to watch God perform His word. This is sort of like watching a movie that we have an advanced copy of the script. Our script is God's word and the movie is not a movie at all, it's live and as real as real gets.

My heart is so excited that God has chosen to do something in the lives of a few women who weren't expecting Him to use them in this way. But what's even as exciting is that we as a congregation had the opportunity to share in the blessing by being ones able to give to a good work.

Listen, I'm going to stop now and just rejoice in the Lord for the good things He is doing.

Stay blessed,

Pastor Cedric


Anonymous said...

This is awesome! I wish I had been there......

Anonymous said...

What a blessing!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Sunday’s service was truly spirit-filled and quite uplifting. I bet the results from that service will be tremendous. When the testimonies are brought forth, the whole Church will probably be shouting and not a dry eye in the house. It will be interesting to see how the single women and the widows chose to use their portion of the proceeds. I am so happy the Lord used you and the membership to further His Kingdom.