Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

What a time to thank the Lord for the good things He has done for you. This time of year there are so many people who are giving thanks for their lives, their accomplishments and everything else they can think of. The question is who are they thanking? The better question is who are you thanking?

Have you ever noticed that God never gives us a reason to be unthankful? He's always doing things for us to have us give Him thanks.

Here are just a few reasons we thank God:

* from being broke to having our needs met
* from being sick to being healed
* from being confused to having a sound mind
* from being down trodden to being up lifted
* from being unloved to being loved
* from being friendless to having friends
* from being without faith to having faith
* from being homeless to having a home
* from being without transportation to having transportation

What more can you say about being thankful to God?

Take a moment think about how you can thank God. Take another moment and thank Him. If you feel bold enough, take another moment and add a comment to this blog about how you thank the Lord.

Here's something we can all be thankful to God for. We've been believing for the funds to receive our chairs for our sanctuary. Get your shouting shoes on. We have the money we need!!! The chairs are ordered and should be arriving in the next few weeks. This is something definitely to thank God for.

I thank God for you because it was your willingness to give of your finances that is making the 1st phase of our remodeling project so wonder. It's been the CentrePoint family and friends who have stepped up. Thank God for you.

Here's a prayer you can pray. "Lord I thank you in advance that the needs of CentrePoint Christian Fellowship are met everyday. I also thank you that the needs of Pastor Cedric, his family and all the family and friends of CentrePoint Christian Fellowship are met everyday. Lord continue to lead me by Your Holy Spirit to reach out and share Your word with those You specifically put in my pathway. Lord keep my heart pure so Your anointing will be present and unhindered to remove burdens and destroy yokes in the lives of people I have an opportunity to minister to. Lord I yield my ways to Your ways, my words to Your words and my thoughts to Your thoughts. I thank you for all these things in Jesus name, Amen."

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Stay blessed,

Pastor Cedric

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