Monday, November 05, 2007

Is it time to take off?

As we approach the end the 2007 some people are asking is it time to take off and prepare for next year. You probably already know my answer. NO! NO! and NO!

I believe we have a great opportunity to get the name of Jesus out to our neighbors and around the cities we live in. We're finishing up a year that has had it's share of worldly challenges. What a great time to extend hope to people who aren't sure what the future holds.

We know that the Lord has prepared a way that is perfect for us. Why not spread the word to others that our God has good things in store for them also. We serve a mighty God who is no respecter of persons. It's our responsibility to let the word know how mighty He is.

Here's an idea one of our members mentioned to me acouple of Sunday's ago. When you leave church on Sunday's plan to give away your bulletin to somebody before the next Sunday. It's just another way to get the word out about CentrePoint.

Here's another idea. Send this blog link to a friend or family member while you're online. The more we get the word out the more we'll give God an opportunity to show off His awesome power.

Everybody doing a little bit can accomplish a whole lot. We're in a great season to get massive exposure for our church and the name of the Lord. Massive exposure + massive action = massive results. Little exposure + little action = little results.

If you want a few of our Changing Our Cities vision cards be sure to pick them up this coming Sunday. Take them and pass them out at work, in your neighborhood, in the grocery store and everywhere you go. Send a few vision cards with your outgoing mail. You may even have an idea that I haven't even mentioned. Be bold and do what you can to let people know that CentrePoint is here to help.

Also, please remember that our children's ministry is staffed to accoomodate kids from nursery thru sixth grade. Our teachers are ready and expecting more children every week.

If you've been away for awhile, now is the time to re-engage with your CentrePoint family. We've been praying for you and want you to know that God has not forgotten you.

For the rest of you who've been faithfully attending on Sundays, take a few minutes to connect with somebody you haven't talked with in awhile. You would be surprised how blessed they would be to hear from you. Not to mention how blessed you'll be for being obedient to the Holy Spirit.

To the friends of CentrePoint, we thank you for your prayer and support. Just the fact that you pray for us is a sign that the Body of Christ is coming together in these last days. We also want thank our friends who refer families to CentrePoint from time to time.

On a closing note, let me give you a couple of updates:

New Santuary Chairs
So far we have received $3,077 towards our $4,500 goal. We only have $1,423 to go :)

Debt Elimination Project
So far we have received and paid out $520 on $1,493 in credit card debt for one of our members. We're just $973 away from eliminating this person's credit card debt. Please note they are still paying on the debt also and have agreed to not get in any further debt.

Let's finish 2007 strong,

Pastor Cedric

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