Monday, August 25, 2008

Spreading the Goodness of God

What will it take to see God do more than you ever have before? Do you think that God is short on power?

To answer these questions all we have to do is realize God is bigger than everything we can imagine and He can do more than we think He can do. So there is no issue with God.

Here's how I have been challenged by the Lord. It's simply to "start sharing what the Lord is doing in my life everyday and don't stop." There isn't a situation in life where it's inappropriate to share the work of the Lord. As I began to think more on this, I began to realize I've been slack in sharing the goodness of God. I have since repented and started "doing instead of just thinking about doing."

Perhaps you have been wondering how the Lord would want to use you. Here's my advice. Just start sharing the goodness of the Lord with others everyday and you'll start seeing the Lord in a different way. It's more than going to church on Sunday or a Bible study during the week. Our Father wants us to share His goodness everyday with those who are unfamiliar with Him.

I think of the businesses out there who make it there first priority to share about the benefits of their products and services. They know that by keeping their names in front of people, their products and services will come to the minds of their consumers when they are in need or want.

Our Father has so much more to offer. How good has God been to you? Has He blessed you beyond measure? Has He always been with you in your time of need? Has He calmed your fears in the midst of a storm? Has He healed your body when you were in pain? There is not a situation that our Father can't be exalted. He is truly the ruler of everything.

Somehow I have been pondering what would happen if God would use me to start a "revival of sharing His goodness." I say a revival because in the circles I travel (and they are Christian), very few people share of the goodness of God.

I been imagining in my mind multitudes of people sharing the goodness of God pertaining to their own lives as well as the lives of others. There is nothing magical about talking about what God has done. There's nothing difficult about sharing what God has done. It's just a matter of doing it.

Think to yourself right now. How do you honestly feel when you think of the goodness of God? Think of all the times He has rescued you from life's challenges. Think of the times you have greeted the day and you had breath in your body. Think of all the times you showed up for work and you still had a job when others didn't. Think of all the times your family members have been spared from accidents when others weren't . Think of all the times...I think you get the picture.

Will you join me sharing the goodness of our Father? The only thing that is required is having experienced His goodness. Do you qualify?

Stay blessed,

Pastor Cedric

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