Monday, May 11, 2009

Change your mind and change your life

So how do think you will finally change? Do you think that you will change doing the same stuff you've been doing? Chances are things will remain the same.

Here are three things to consider to see the change you desire:

1. Stop being conformed to the world system. In other words, however worldly people think, you should think differently. Dare to be different.

2. Start being transformed by the renewing your mind with the word of God. Use the word of God to be a purifier of your thinking.

3. Start doing what your transformed mind is prompting you to do. This is when you know you have really been transformed. A transformed mind will cause our natural bodies to do things that a conformed mind won't.

To find out more about how to change your mind and change your life go to Romans 12:1-6

Pastor Cedric

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