Saturday, October 15, 2011

Another Sunday...I Can't Wait

Here we are again after another Sunday of seeking the Lord, hearing what He says and doing what He says. It's just amazing to have such a liberty to seek the Lord right on Sunday morning in what's commonly known as "church service." I believe the Lord is delivering us from being "participants in a church service to being His children who just want to be with their Daddy God."

So far here's what we've discovered:

1.) We need to connect as a family

2.) We need to take time to have fun

Of course these two things come after our personal relationships with the Lord. I am just waiting with excited anticipation of what the Lord has in store for Sunday October 16, 2011. Lately He's been giving me somewhat of an outline of how we will share our time with Him on Sunday.

Here's what I do know. We'll pour out our hearts to the Father in worship. We will spend some time in prayer. We will hear testimonies from the CentrePoint family. We will hear from God, document what He says and do it.

Some of the things I am seeing in my heart:

I'm seeing people getting saved during our time of prayer

I'm seeing people getting healed during our time of prayer

I'm seeing people getting free from addictions and vices that have challenged their relationship with Jesus.

I'm seeing people getting caught up in worshiping the Lord to the point of weeping uncontrollably.

I'm seeing our guests getting blown away (in a positive way) by the experience they are having with the Lord.

Just keep imagining with me how pleased the Lord will be as we seek Him together, hear Him together and do what He says together. This is an amazing season. I only trust you will take advantage of how the Lord wants to use you.

Stay blessed,

Pastor Cedric
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There is joy in the Kingdom of God

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