Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Ministry of Fun

This might very well be the most unlikely blog you would anticipate me writing during this season of prayer at CentrePoint.  It's not that it's an unusual subject matter. It just might seem, well a little out of place based on the fact that we are in serious need of the Lord to show us the plans He has the future of our church.

Let me first of all start off with a question.  When was the last time you had a "gut busting" time of pure laughter?  Yeah, I asked it.  You heard me right.  Just a time of fun where you acted silly and maybe even a little out of character.

I just can't believe Jesus spent all of His waking moments being "super spiritual." He had to have some fun at the wedding feast.  He had to have fun when the children came around.  He had to have fun when He hung out with the disciples. He had to have fun with His parents and family.  Surely the Bible wouldn't talk about how a "merry heart does good like a medicine" (Prov 17:22) if laughter wasn't somehow involved. 

Imagine with me for a moment.  Imagine having so much fun your friends and neighbors began to comment about how you just seem to enjoy life.  In my opinion, making a joyful noise is not just inside the church walls unto the Lord.  It could very well be in the park with our children.  It could be as we watch a ball game.  It could be at a wedding of a friend or loved one.  You get my drift?  Joyous believers are contagious believers.  There are tons of folks who like being around "fun people." Those fun people ought to be believers. They should be us.

I want to challenge you and it really shouldn't be a challenge.  Take some time to laugh.  I mean laugh out loud. Laugh on purpose.  Laugh by yourself.  Laugh with your loved ones.  Laugh with your neighbors.  Laugh with strangers.  But most of all, laugh with your Heavenly Father. You know He is in the business of inhabiting the praises of His people.  Never have I seen a person praising God who wasn't happy about it.

Let's continue in this season knowing that God loves us to sing His praises but He also wants us to have fun in life.  It's part of abundant living to be full of joy.  Joy is one of the ingredients of a happy home, a happy work environment and a happy church.

The world needs to see joy now than ever before.  The people they will find filled with joy during what are seemingly tough times are believers. Let it be said of CentrePoint, "there goes a bunch of happy, fun, joyous people." If you really believe you were created in the image of God, know that God is not boring.

I declare today that I am a Minister of FunDon't go getting all spiritual on me.  Make the declaration that you too are a Minister of  Fun.  Have some fun with it. Laugh a little.  You'll feel a lot better.

May the joy of the Lord be with you,

Pastor Cedric

Have a little fun with Ronnie Ex & Bruce Visscher

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