Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pray Plan Pursue Prosper

Hello again CentrePoint Family,

As we have been praying, now we've come to the time of planning. Before we can pursue anything as a congregation, we have to have the will of God and plan accordingly. Our time in prayer has given us the will of God. That's why we pray "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

I've put the video below together after today's gathering in church. Please know I understand how difficult it is for some of you. Doing things differently is always a challenge in the beginning. But if we expect different results we have to take different actions.

I am pretty excited about the new direction the Lord is leading CentrePoint. With prayer as the catalyst of everything we will pursue for our future, we're in a good place. Our plans will be ironclad. Our pursuit will not be in vain. Our degree of prosperity will be divinely inspired.

This is more than just a minor adjustment in CentrePoint. This is a total stripping away of what we used to be to become what God has always intended for us to be. This season will require our complete willingness to change to see the will of God accomplished in our midst. It's one of those times where nothing should surprise us. It might mean that people you don't expect to lead will lead and people you expect to be on board not be on board. It's just that kind of season.

As I lead during this season the Lord has instructed me to lead with an open hand. That is to say don't hold onto anything too tightly and keep my hands open so He can put what He wants to put in my hands. I feel as though my trust in the Lord during this season is way beyond any point in the history of my life in ministry at CentrePoint.

For so many years we have all longed to prosper in the things of God. I'm not saying that we haven't prayed, planned and pursued the will of God in the past. I just believe that the fervency of our prayer today has put us in a zone to see the absolute will of God and nothing less. Normally I would would be asking who's with us. I would be looking to garner your commitment. But today my heart is at peace because "I am assured that God is with us and the whole world could stand against us and it wouldn't make a difference."

Stay blessed,

Pastor Cedric
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