Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Progress report

Those of you who have been in church the last two weeks have seen the progress we've been making with the remodeling of the sanctuary. It's been remarkable to see the major changes we've made. What only few people have seen is the new carpet. It just looks spectacular.

As we are moving forward, I just want to remind you that we are just about finished with our first phase. The foyer has been completely remodeled, our office area looks fantastic, the sanctuary has been repainted by Master Painter, Ronnie Ex and the beautiful and freshly laid carpet will be done by Wednesday October 10th.

We can say we're over the hump. What's left in this first phase is the re-upholstering of the sanctuary chairs. Just one big push by everybody and our new look will be complete for this first phase.

Here's what it will take. You probably remember Pastor John mentioning that all we needed was 50 people giving just $2.00 per day. Well, so far we've been blessed to receive all the money we've needed to accomplish what we've done so far. Now we just need your commitment to help us put the final touches on the sanctuary so that it's well pleasing in the Lord's sight and ours as well.

We're looking to initially re-upholster 150 chairs immediately. The cost per chair including shipping and handling is right around $30. If you could commit to purchasing the chairs for your family and one or two more we can get this done fairly quickly. Our goal has been and still is to complete this project on a cash basis.

Here's a few examples of how we could complete this project easily:

Just 30 families purchasing 5 chairs apiece

Just 15 families purchasing 10 chairs apiece

Just 10 families purchasing 15 chairs apiece

We're just $4,500 away from reaching our goal and seeing the culmination of our hard work paying off. Let's believe that we receive the $4,500 now.

Stay blessed,

Pastor Cedric

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